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Week 3 (Ian)

Sorry for not posting Week 2, but I am playing catch up. I am not used to blogging but I am trying!

Well anyways the 2nd weigh in, I lost 4.1 pounds. I had really hoped to lose more but hey any loss is good right? Well I am now getting into the routine of playing racquetball more often and I am trying to play 3 days a week along with walking on the treadmill.

Well the third weigh in was this past Saturday 2-25-12 and I lost another 10.6 pounds which made me feel great. I just hope I can keep it up.  I now am going to try and play an hour of racquetball along with some additional walking each workout period.



So yesterday was our first “real” workout as a group for the Transformation Nation Triad and man was it grueling! Holy cow!

So after weigh in (Ian needs to post to tell everyone his big news….I can’t steal his thunder with it….so we need to pester the you-know-what out of him to get an update!!!!!) Joni counted us off by 5’s and separated us into groups at separate stations.  This meant that Ian and I ended up getting separated but in a way it helped….we could each see each other pushing ourselves and cheered each other on which was actually a lot of fun. We spent a minute at each station with a minute for recovery in between and repeated the workout three times.  Station 1 is where I began and that was pushups.  At Station 2 we did high knees where you lift your right knee up high enough so that your thigh is level with the floor and you can touch it with your right hand and then you ‘jump’ and switch so your left knee is up touching your left hand out in front of you. (The first two rounds I could go about 30-40 seconds with the ‘jump’ and then had to basically ‘march’ through the rest and ‘marched’ through the 3rd round…all of my inner upper thigh muscles are killing me today!) Station 3 was mountain climbers and apparently they are a whole lot more difficult than I remember them being from when I was a kid! lol Station 4 were planks and I’m sad to say that Hope is probably going to smack me for getting so weak on something that I used to be pretty good at. lol  (Sorry Hope!!  I will practice these and get better again!!!! I promise!!) And then there was Station 5 – squats…although we had the option to do the wall squat/sit which I did so this week I banked 3 minutes of the squat! 😉

Needless to say, after having a very insufficient night of rest the night before, I was beat after Saturday’s workout. Ian did really well, he completed each of his stations after having a tough workout the night before!  I’m so proud of him!!!

Today it has been absolutely gorgeous outside and with the rain delay for the NASCAR race (yes….remember I do live in a testosterone-loaded house so anything with motors/gears is mandatory television viewing apparently…lol) I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to get the kids outside to run with me!  Plus, with a “Paula Deen” for a grandmother they had plenty of good, southern food to burn off from their breakfast this morning.  (My mother in law is an insanely good cook….it should be illegal to be able to cook as good as she does!) Below is what my app on my phone posted to my Facebook from our C25K adventure this afternoon! 🙂

Just Completed Week 3 – Day 2 of Ease into 5K. Ran 1.70mi with run pace of 13:07 min/mi

Ran with my boys and Memphis outside today. Even conquered some hills!!! Woooohooo! Still need to work on the 2nd 3 minute run…this one was all uphill and I only finished the first 2 minutes.

Today’s workout consisted of:

No surprises today. Do the same workout as the last one: Start with a 5 minute warm-up, then repeat 2 times the following intervals: – Run 3 minutes – Walk 2 minutes – Run 90 seconds – Walk 2 minutes Cool down with a 5 minute walk. You have the power to make this a better workout then your previous one. Choose a different path. Challenge yourself a little. Crank up your music and enjoy the run.
I will definitely have to repeat one of Week 3’s workouts this week at least once, probably twice until I’ll be able to run the full amount of time that is ‘scheduled.’  But even knowing this and knowing that I’m taking it slower than it was originally intended, I am actually growing more and more excited knowing that I’m able to run for longer amounts of time and go for longer distances than I was even a month ago!!
I should probably get started wrapping this up…but we really need to rally together and get Ian to post his good news.  He’s being shy about it and he shouldn’t be…lol.  So send him a message if you’ve got his email or comment on his first post that he needs to update!!!!   Hope everyone has an excellent rest of their weekend and a great week this week!  🙂


So proud!! Stopped by the Y on my way back from class this evening with the boys and caught a glimpse of determination!!! 😉 Ian working it on the treadmill AFTER playing an hr of racquetball with his dad!!! Go Ian go!!!! Keep it up!!! (pssst..Ian’s got a big number to report tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!)


Wk 2…A spoonful of sugar? Nah…30 minutes of physical activity! THAT’s where it’s at! ;)

So we are getting close to rounding off the end of week 2 for the Transformation Nation Triad and we’re still going strong!  Both Ian and I lost about 3 lbs each as of last Saturday’s weigh-in!  Not too shabby…although not nearly what I was hoping for…but it’s progress nonetheless right? 😉

Saturday we did a fitness challenge – 1 minute timed pushups and sit ups/crunches and then we were timed to see how long we could last doing what’s called a “wall sit.”  (Basically you “sit” with your back to the wall on your invisible chair for as long as you can.) I did 14 pushups, 19 pilates-style sit-ups and held out to be the LAST person ‘standing’ in my “wall sit” just seconds short of 2 minutes and 20 seconds!!!!  And yes, I could barely move off that wall when I was done….lol.  (Although apparently not tired enough because then I went to my RPM cycling class for 55 minutes….haha)  Ian completed 20 pushups on knees, 32 crunches and a “wall sit” for 30 seconds! He and Andrew played basketball after it was all said and done. When we got home, I had just about enough energy to make it up the stairs to the deck and back door, make myself a protein shake and then pass out from about 10:30am – 5:00pm! lol  I can’t believe how exhausted I was!

Sunday we took a trip out to Dick’s (sporting goods store) where I bought my first Polar heart rate monitor and strap (yay!!) and oogled the beautiful kayaks hanging on the walls.  I had several Wayne’s World moments – “It will be mine…oh yes, it will be mine!” 😉 Sunday was also the day when mother nature decided to entertain us with the sleet and freezing rain and snow in the afternoon/evening…so we got to enjoy our sleet obstacle course to the car! 🙂

Monday was a late start for both Ian and I’s days (no school for the boys because of President’s Day) because of the roads, but productive nonetheless as far as school stuff goes.  Tuesday was my first of my two long days each week and, even though I felt as though I had absolutely no energy remaining, I still put on my new heart rate monitor and strap and peddled, climbed, sweated and pumped my way through my RPM cycling class. ( BTW…I did EVERY one of my climbs this time!!!)

And then we get to today – Wednesday. Emotions were running very high today – personal and academic reasons together – and by the time I was done with my test for school I was ready to just call it a day and go to bed. However, I knew that I would feel better if I would get out and move so since Ian had already reserved a court for racquetball, I decided I’d talk with a trainer about my heart rate findings (which are a little crazy….more on that another day) and then do my next workout for the Couch to 5k program (C25K).

Today was the week 3, day 1 workout which consists of the following:

  • “5 minute warm up
  • Run 3 minutes, walk 2 minutes
  • Run 1.5 minutes, walk 2 minutes
  • Run 3 minutes, walk 2 minutes
  • Run 1.5 minutes, walk 2 minutes
  • Cool down for 5 minutes”

I completed 1.49 miles with an average pace of 13:20/mile…not too bad considering the first (and only) time I ever ran a 5k it took me 49:52! lol Keeping up this pace will mean that I will shave off almost 10 minutes from my time! haha  Woohoo!And yes, my goal of improving my energy and mood was met by working out….and I loved it!  I’ve never run 3 minutes straight before so it was definitely a confidence booster to do so, especially as exhausted as I’ve been feeling lately!

Yay….okay, so I’m pretty sure I’ve covered all the highlights since I last posted.  (Oh, well except for the attempt at trying sashimi for my very first time in my life EVER….it was ‘eh…okay.’ Still not a fish person…but I’m trying! lol) I hope everyone else’s week is going well for them and that you’re reading this in good health!

I will post again soon!  Gnite!

Indoor Cycling….ahhhh

I have been taking an indoor cycling class (aka “spin class”) twice a week for a 1 credit hour course in school and while I knew ahead of time that I was going to have grueling workout with it, nothing ever prepared me for this!! We push through 50 minutes of racing, hills, mountains, intervals….all by the turn of a little tiny dial on what they call the “flywheel”. It’s not unusual to find yourself surrounded by a pool of sweat just 15 minutes in and as gross as that sounds, it really is AMAZING!! I normally stick around after for about 15-20 minutes to get in a good stretch, especially for my calves and hip openers, and when I’m finally all sweated out and limbered up, it’s time to head for home with an incredible “high” and sense of accomplishment. However tonight I get to head home knowing that I am right there on the brink of hitting one of my short term goals- being able to participate in and complete EVERY SINGLE CLIMB in the work out!!

For those of you not aware of what I’m talking about with “climb” and “hills” and “mountains”, those are basically times that I have to increase the resistance on my bike making it difficult to peddle and then increase it a little more so I can stand and peddle. These can last anywhere from 10 seconds (intervals) to 2 minutes (mountains or hills) and they can get BRUTAL! Holy cow…at times I’ve pushed so hard I have thought my legs were going to give out and come out from underneath me! No joke!!

But tonight I attacked every single one of my hills an only “backed off” of one a little over halfway through!!! This is a big deal to me because it means that I’ve made actual, measurable progress in my endurance and strength levels!! Woohoo!!!

Now I can’t wait until next week! I WILL make it through 100% of those beastly obstacles and in the coming weeks I will be increasing my resistance!

PS-I have also noticed a change in the shape of my thighs and calves since starting this 6 weeks ago!! (Still can’t believe it’s already been 6 weeks!!!) I’m getting my pretty dancer/gymnast legs back!! Lol They’re coming out of “hiding”!!!!! I realize that may sound shallow and cosmetic, but for me to get to a point where I’m getting past “just accepting” my body to getting excited about it is a big step for me! These legs are powerful and strong! And in a few short months I get to show them off!! 😉 lol

Hope everyone has a great evening! Stay healthy!!


My Awesome Lunch Today

Had to share a picture of my great lunch with my best bud, Jackie, today! Jason’s Deli….turkey wrap on organic wheat wrap, dark leafy greens, tomatoes and fat-free ranch with a side of fresh fruit and yogurt. (And water to drink of course!) 🙂


Week 1 (Ian)

Thank you all for your positive comments! So far so good, I have been sticking to the diet and playing more racquetball and every time I play it seems to get a little easier, still a long ways to go though! But we will get there!


It’s not “goodbye”, it’s “hello!”

These are very difficult for me to post (which is why it has taken me an entire day to do so), but one point of this blog is to get out of my comfort zone and face reality and hiding these after taking them kind of defeats the purpose, right?  So….these are my “before” pictures at the start of my crazy journey. While I’m saying “goodbye” to my out of shape body, each day that I work at improving myself, I am one more day closer to saying “hello” to my new life as an active and healthy person!

February 11, 2012 @ 223.2 lbs (according to the facility’s scale and fully dressed including shoes)



Ya think I can turn what’s above into what’s below? 😉




A more recent snapshot of us…


Welcome to Our Blog!

A very early and chilly Saturday morning about three weeks ago, my family and I bundled up and huddled together along with at least a hundred others in line to ‘win’ a spot in the WXII Transformation Nation Triad. There were 125 accepted for the program at our YMCA and we were #s 3 and 4!! In an effort to help hold ourselves accountable to this challenge and maybe even inspire a person or two, we decided we would blog about our new journey to better health together!  (Okay…I decided…but Ian is in agreement I swear!) 😉

Some information about the program: Over the next 16 weeks (and beyond for us!), Ian and I will be meeting with 23 others every Saturday morning. At each of these meetings we will be getting weighed, getting our butts handed to us and receiving excellent nutritional information and support.  From what we’ve seen of other groups, this is definitely NOT going to be a ‘walk in the park’ by any means, but that’s not what we signed up for anyway! Our goals are to lose weight and inches (obviously) and to learn to enjoy a healthier and more active lifestyle. More importantly, we have two young men (Andrew and Ivan) who need their parents to set good healthy examples for them so that they don’t fall into the same traps we have!

Positive comments and suggestions are always welcome, as are your thoughts and prayers! We thank you in advance for your support and encouragement and we are looking forward to what ‘tomorrow’ will bring!


Ian and Caryn