Indoor Cycling….ahhhh

I have been taking an indoor cycling class (aka “spin class”) twice a week for a 1 credit hour course in school and while I knew ahead of time that I was going to have grueling workout with it, nothing ever prepared me for this!! We push through 50 minutes of racing, hills, mountains, intervals….all by the turn of a little tiny dial on what they call the “flywheel”. It’s not unusual to find yourself surrounded by a pool of sweat just 15 minutes in and as gross as that sounds, it really is AMAZING!! I normally stick around after for about 15-20 minutes to get in a good stretch, especially for my calves and hip openers, and when I’m finally all sweated out and limbered up, it’s time to head for home with an incredible “high” and sense of accomplishment. However tonight I get to head home knowing that I am right there on the brink of hitting one of my short term goals- being able to participate in and complete EVERY SINGLE CLIMB in the work out!!

For those of you not aware of what I’m talking about with “climb” and “hills” and “mountains”, those are basically times that I have to increase the resistance on my bike making it difficult to peddle and then increase it a little more so I can stand and peddle. These can last anywhere from 10 seconds (intervals) to 2 minutes (mountains or hills) and they can get BRUTAL! Holy cow…at times I’ve pushed so hard I have thought my legs were going to give out and come out from underneath me! No joke!!

But tonight I attacked every single one of my hills an only “backed off” of one a little over halfway through!!! This is a big deal to me because it means that I’ve made actual, measurable progress in my endurance and strength levels!! Woohoo!!!

Now I can’t wait until next week! I WILL make it through 100% of those beastly obstacles and in the coming weeks I will be increasing my resistance!

PS-I have also noticed a change in the shape of my thighs and calves since starting this 6 weeks ago!! (Still can’t believe it’s already been 6 weeks!!!) I’m getting my pretty dancer/gymnast legs back!! Lol They’re coming out of “hiding”!!!!! I realize that may sound shallow and cosmetic, but for me to get to a point where I’m getting past “just accepting” my body to getting excited about it is a big step for me! These legs are powerful and strong! And in a few short months I get to show them off!! 😉 lol

Hope everyone has a great evening! Stay healthy!!



3 responses to “Indoor Cycling….ahhhh

  1. Great job! Don’t worry about sounding superficial either, be proud because that is what often keeps us going. Seeing those results, seeing new things we love about our bodies, cherishing our hard work- you keep pushing forward girl! I know you’ll reach your goals and am so excited for you. Your passion for spinning is contagious. I bet you’re friends are all becoming interested too after hearing you talk about it! =)

  2. Thanks for describing this activity. I had been hearing Kelly Ripa talk about how much she likes doing it as a part of her workout routine.

  3. Caryn and Ian – I got your email today introducing your blog, and I am so excited for you and your family! You are both so sweet and so strong, and I can’t wait to listen in as you share this adventure into better health. I’m extremely proud of you.

    Also, I’ve done a few spin classes, and holy cow are you right. That is some brutal stuff! Keep it up! You’re going to rock those hills and mountains!

    <3, Missy (Kolle) Hansen

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