So yesterday was our first “real” workout as a group for the Transformation Nation Triad and man was it grueling! Holy cow!

So after weigh in (Ian needs to post to tell everyone his big news….I can’t steal his thunder with it….so we need to pester the you-know-what out of him to get an update!!!!!) Joni counted us off by 5’s and separated us into groups at separate stations.  This meant that Ian and I ended up getting separated but in a way it helped….we could each see each other pushing ourselves and cheered each other on which was actually a lot of fun. We spent a minute at each station with a minute for recovery in between and repeated the workout three times.  Station 1 is where I began and that was pushups.  At Station 2 we did high knees where you lift your right knee up high enough so that your thigh is level with the floor and you can touch it with your right hand and then you ‘jump’ and switch so your left knee is up touching your left hand out in front of you. (The first two rounds I could go about 30-40 seconds with the ‘jump’ and then had to basically ‘march’ through the rest and ‘marched’ through the 3rd round…all of my inner upper thigh muscles are killing me today!) Station 3 was mountain climbers and apparently they are a whole lot more difficult than I remember them being from when I was a kid! lol Station 4 were planks and I’m sad to say that Hope is probably going to smack me for getting so weak on something that I used to be pretty good at. lol  (Sorry Hope!!  I will practice these and get better again!!!! I promise!!) And then there was Station 5 – squats…although we had the option to do the wall squat/sit which I did so this week I banked 3 minutes of the squat! 😉

Needless to say, after having a very insufficient night of rest the night before, I was beat after Saturday’s workout. Ian did really well, he completed each of his stations after having a tough workout the night before!  I’m so proud of him!!!

Today it has been absolutely gorgeous outside and with the rain delay for the NASCAR race (yes….remember I do live in a testosterone-loaded house so anything with motors/gears is mandatory television viewing apparently…lol) I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to get the kids outside to run with me!  Plus, with a “Paula Deen” for a grandmother they had plenty of good, southern food to burn off from their breakfast this morning.  (My mother in law is an insanely good cook….it should be illegal to be able to cook as good as she does!) Below is what my app on my phone posted to my Facebook from our C25K adventure this afternoon! 🙂

Just Completed Week 3 – Day 2 of Ease into 5K. Ran 1.70mi with run pace of 13:07 min/mi

Ran with my boys and Memphis outside today. Even conquered some hills!!! Woooohooo! Still need to work on the 2nd 3 minute run…this one was all uphill and I only finished the first 2 minutes.

Today’s workout consisted of:

No surprises today. Do the same workout as the last one: Start with a 5 minute warm-up, then repeat 2 times the following intervals: – Run 3 minutes – Walk 2 minutes – Run 90 seconds – Walk 2 minutes Cool down with a 5 minute walk. You have the power to make this a better workout then your previous one. Choose a different path. Challenge yourself a little. Crank up your music and enjoy the run.
I will definitely have to repeat one of Week 3’s workouts this week at least once, probably twice until I’ll be able to run the full amount of time that is ‘scheduled.’  But even knowing this and knowing that I’m taking it slower than it was originally intended, I am actually growing more and more excited knowing that I’m able to run for longer amounts of time and go for longer distances than I was even a month ago!!
I should probably get started wrapping this up…but we really need to rally together and get Ian to post his good news.  He’s being shy about it and he shouldn’t be…lol.  So send him a message if you’ve got his email or comment on his first post that he needs to update!!!!   Hope everyone has an excellent rest of their weekend and a great week this week!  🙂

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  1. Always good to hear how you are progressing.

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