Week 4.5 (Ian)

Well I had follow ups with the doctors today and nothing but good news from them. Blood Pressure is now normal but that is still with the medication but I should be off the medication once I get a little more weight off.  So far so good! Just hope tomorrow morning goes just as well!


5 responses to “Week 4.5 (Ian)

  1. So happy you are making progress. Keep up the good work. We are glad to get your reports.

  2. Since Ian won’t give the details…I will! 😉 Back in September he was diagnosed with high blood pressure. His highest reading was in the upper 160s/upper 90s!! His doctor started him on blood pressure medication and at his last check up his blood pressure was still hoovering around 130s/upper 80s.

    Well….TODAY at his check ups (he had two – one with his sleep specialist for his sleep apnea and one with his regular physician) and both of them were in the 110s/60s!!! The doctor has also told him to expect at a particular weight loss point (which he should reach by his next appointment in three months), he will more than likely take Ian off the medication!!!

    I’m so proud of him!! I actually ended up doing a “happy dance” at the doctor’s office when the doctor told us what his blood pressure was…lol.

    Congrats, baby!!! You’re doing well!! Keep up the great work! ❤ I love you!!

  3. That is AMAZING news!!! I’m very happy for you Ian!

  4. Good job Ian! Keep it up!

  5. I am so proud of you two! Keep up the good work!

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