Getting the Jitters!

Several years ago I had added “complete my first 5k” to my “to-do before 30” list. So on my 29th birthday (no joke!), my good friend Virginia and I brought our families out to Cary, NC to do the Joggin’ for Your Noggin’ 5k.


My birthday is in just a few days and unlike the weather we’ve experienced this past week, that morning was a crisp 34 degrees!! Brrr!! I hadn’t really trained nearly as hard as I should have nor did I really expose myself to running outdoors in the elements. Needless to say I had never in my life felt my lungs burn so much!

I remember there was a point in the course where those entering their last mile were crossing the path somewhere toward the end of mile 1 and there were so many people cheering and encouraging everyone! I felt a huge rush and was really looking forward to getting to that point and was hoping that by the time I got there that there would still be people cheering. (There weren’t.) I really struggled with the little hills and the embarrassment I felt for being the caboose. Bless Virginia’s heart, she could have finished 20 minutes or so earlier than me but instead she hung back to keep me company.

It was her encouragement pushing me to the finish line even though my lungs were “on fire” and my legs felt as though they were numb that got me “there.” I realized that I was actually DOING it! I was participating in my first 5k! Despite the fact that I finished 105/105, or the fact that an 80yr old man lapped me…TWICE!…I was still glad that I stuck it out and finished. (I even ran the last 10th of a mile! Lol)


49:52….haha Depending on how you look at that time it’s either incredibly pathetic or a reminder that, hey…at least I finished! 😉

This Saturday, while Ian and the boys cool down from their 1 mile “fun run”, I will actually be beginning my 2nd 5k…or as I’d like to call it, 5k2.0. I know going into it that I will most likely walk/jog most of it (depending on the temps because of my asthma), but it really would be nice to have a better time than 49:52! 😉 I haven’t been training as hard as I would like (again), but I am definitely MUCH more active than I was this time 3 yrs ago. And I think it’s safe to say that I’m actually in much better health/shape than I was 3 yrs ago. 🙂

I am extremely excited that Ian is going to do his first event!! I do hope with his experience that he will get a taste of what I’ve been craving…pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone and doing something that makes your body happy and healthy! I hope he gets cheered on and gets to feel the adrenaline rush I’ve felt before. He won’t be running (too dangerous on his joints at his weight…but this will change with time!), but he and his favorite boys will be movin’ it that’s for sure!!

My nerves will have to subside before Saturday as far as my race goes. I’ll finish it, but how fast is the question to have answered.

….hopefully faster than 49:52! 😉

Wish us luck!!




PS- Thank you, Virginia!!!


10 responses to “Getting the Jitters!

  1. I am hoping that the information that was given to use regarding “in person” or “mail in” registrations is correct and not the information on…because according to that website, registration ended today at 3pm. (Normally this would have been something we would have planned on at least a couple of months in advance…but we didn’t find out about the reduced rate for the Transformation Nation Triad participants until late last week….and even then we still weren’t sure what this weekend would hold.) Fingers crossed things work out!! 😉

  2. You are such an inspiration to me! Thank you for sharing your journey. Good luck on Saturday! And make sure to update with your time! :). PS I didn’t know you were in your 30s you old lady. ;). Hehehehe

  3. Caryn, I’m so excited for you! Your run/walk plan is going to carry you to victory! Just keep moving and you will have a new personal record in the 5k! Best to Ian and the boys in their event, too! I can’t wait to hear about it. You guys rock.

  4. Tracy Antonelli

    You’ll do great! Keep your chin up, and your legs moving! Just completing one is a huge deal! You’ll do awesome! And so will Ian and the boys! So proud of you all!

  5. Looking forward to hearing your results. Hope Ian does well too.

  6. Virginia Barwick

    Your blog brought tears to my eyes!!! I am so proud of you and Ian for the commitment you’ve made to be good to yourselves. We love you both and you know we would be there cheering you on if we could! Love you guys and cant wait to see you sometime around Ian’s graduation. Love, V

    • ❤ Love you, V! And I know you guys would be there if we lived closer. Maybe in a few years when Ben gets to be a little older and Bob's finished with PA school both our families will be found out on the water on beautiful days like today! 🙂 Can't wait to see you guys in a few months!!! ❤

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