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Sorry for the hiatus!

So we’ve gone nearly 2 months since our last post and I promise, while our weightless and fitness goals may have been temporarily placed on hold during that time, it wasn’t for just any reason.

WE’VE GRADUATED!!!!! Ian graduated from ECU on Friday, May 4, 2012….with a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology with an emphasis on Supervision and a Minor in Industrial Management (say that 3 times fast! Lol)


And my pinning ceremony was last night…



And this evening was my college graduation!


(Bet you can’t figure out which one is mine! Lol) 😉

Now that these graduations are over we can get back to reality! Lol At least for a little bit anyway. 😉 I still have one more “big thing” in the works and it should fall right around when my sweet boys graduate from elementary school!!! (Where has the time gone?!)

Ian and I could not have accomplished these great goals without the love and support and encouragement from our family and friends and we are eternally grateful! Thank you so much! Both of us are looking forward to using our new degrees to celebrate life and to serve and honor God in our chosen professional fields and couldn’t be more excited. A very special thank you to God, our children and to both our parents. Without their support, neither of us would be where we are today.



Happy St Patty’s Day!!

We started our family journey early this morning making it up to St Leo’s Catholic Church and School by about 7:30am. Just a swarm of green everywhere! Lol We ran into several of our group members from Transformation Nation Triad, listed to someone play a bagpipe….

….and chatted for a few minutes until it was time for Ian an the boys to make their way to the starting line for the 1 mile fun run!





And they’re off!!!


The first few people to cross the finish line for the fun run were little…seriously like 2nd or 3rd graders! It was so awesome to see these kids just come running down the hill toward the finish line as hard as they could! I hope these kids keep this up and never quit!! No more couch potatoes!! 😉

Ian and the boys were rounding up the finish as we began lining up for the 5k which made it a little difficult for them to get to the finish line. I was a little bummed that they didn’t get to quite experience how cool it is to have people you’ve never met cheer you on that last little bit of the race. But I made sure to cheer loud enough so at least they knew that I was excited and proud of them for finishing! 😉 They finished in under 30 minutes…I think right around 25 minutes 50 seconds or something like that.


Then it was time for the 5k. 🙂 I went in wanting to shave a couple of minutes off my time from the last one I did 3 years ago and I knew that with the hills on this course I was going to have to really kick it up a notch….especially when I had to walk. It wasn’t easy by any means but I did make sure that I enjoyed the process while I was at it. 🙂

There were many cool things/people along the way that inspired me to keep moving. There were several people pushing themselves or getting pushed in wheelchairs, people in their 80s that just kept kickin their heels up and moving forward, families that spanned 2 and 3 generations. Even pets! It was an honor to be around so many amazing people! It truly was! 🙂 And such a motivator, too!! I may have allergy/exercise-induced asthma and I may have to carry my inhaler with me the entire route, but I’m moving and that’s what’s most important. (And finishing of course…lol)

I am so proud of Ian and the boys and I for finishing what we had set out to do early this morning. I can’t speak for all four of us necessarily, but at least for myself, I have gained a deeper understanding of myself….understanding, appreciation, and respect. These “I can’t, I won’t, and I didn’t” words that come out of my mouth (or any variation of the sort….including “I’m so fat and disgusting”) no longer have a place in my vocabulary. “I can! I will! And I DID!” are much more appropriate. I am beautiful because I’m strong and fearless….not because of any number on a scale or the inside of a shirt or pair of jeans. I have an incredible family who supports me and gives me opportunity to support them. I am beyond blessed and extremely thankful. 🙂

Oh….and I finished 45:40….that’s a whole 4 minutes and 12 seconds off my last 5k from 3 years ago. 😉


Mission (more than) accomplished!

We’ve got our bibs!!!!


This one is mine…I’ll add a pic of all of them when we’re done with dinner. Getting excited!!!! And terrified too…there are hills. Lots and lots of hills! Lol Hoping and praying all this RPM cycling has strengthened my quads enough to dig in!! Lol

Getting the Jitters!

Several years ago I had added “complete my first 5k” to my “to-do before 30” list. So on my 29th birthday (no joke!), my good friend Virginia and I brought our families out to Cary, NC to do the Joggin’ for Your Noggin’ 5k.


My birthday is in just a few days and unlike the weather we’ve experienced this past week, that morning was a crisp 34 degrees!! Brrr!! I hadn’t really trained nearly as hard as I should have nor did I really expose myself to running outdoors in the elements. Needless to say I had never in my life felt my lungs burn so much!

I remember there was a point in the course where those entering their last mile were crossing the path somewhere toward the end of mile 1 and there were so many people cheering and encouraging everyone! I felt a huge rush and was really looking forward to getting to that point and was hoping that by the time I got there that there would still be people cheering. (There weren’t.) I really struggled with the little hills and the embarrassment I felt for being the caboose. Bless Virginia’s heart, she could have finished 20 minutes or so earlier than me but instead she hung back to keep me company.

It was her encouragement pushing me to the finish line even though my lungs were “on fire” and my legs felt as though they were numb that got me “there.” I realized that I was actually DOING it! I was participating in my first 5k! Despite the fact that I finished 105/105, or the fact that an 80yr old man lapped me…TWICE!…I was still glad that I stuck it out and finished. (I even ran the last 10th of a mile! Lol)


49:52….haha Depending on how you look at that time it’s either incredibly pathetic or a reminder that, hey…at least I finished! 😉

This Saturday, while Ian and the boys cool down from their 1 mile “fun run”, I will actually be beginning my 2nd 5k…or as I’d like to call it, 5k2.0. I know going into it that I will most likely walk/jog most of it (depending on the temps because of my asthma), but it really would be nice to have a better time than 49:52! 😉 I haven’t been training as hard as I would like (again), but I am definitely MUCH more active than I was this time 3 yrs ago. And I think it’s safe to say that I’m actually in much better health/shape than I was 3 yrs ago. 🙂

I am extremely excited that Ian is going to do his first event!! I do hope with his experience that he will get a taste of what I’ve been craving…pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone and doing something that makes your body happy and healthy! I hope he gets cheered on and gets to feel the adrenaline rush I’ve felt before. He won’t be running (too dangerous on his joints at his weight…but this will change with time!), but he and his favorite boys will be movin’ it that’s for sure!!

My nerves will have to subside before Saturday as far as my race goes. I’ll finish it, but how fast is the question to have answered.

….hopefully faster than 49:52! 😉

Wish us luck!!




PS- Thank you, Virginia!!!

Keep it up, Ian!!

I am so incredibly proud! Ian did something tonight that I can honestly say in the entire 7+ yrs I’ve known him, he has NEVER done before!!! Tonight, while I spent my cardio time in the cycling studio, Ian spent his cardio time on the treadmill and moved it for…………are you ready????

FOR 65 MINUTES!!!!!!!!!!!

Way to go baby!! I’m so proud of you and the hard work you’re putting into getting healthy!!! Keep it up!!! You’re gonna be feeling incredible soon enough I just know it!! I love you!!!


Hawaiian Monday!

A great friend of mine (Lora) whom I had originally met in Michigan and have kept in touch with between both of our moves (mine to NC, hers from WA to Germany!) had added me to her healthy cooking Facebook group. Some of the ideas that were posted looked REALLY yummy but then she posted a Hawaiian Chicken dish that literally made my mouth water!! So I’m sharing with all of you so you can try it!

Basically her recipe called for you to bake the chicken, but I used my George Foreman Grill and grilled the chicken breasts for a few minutes on each side. Once the second side was done grilling, I added a slice of provolone cheese and a slice of pineapple and grilled those on the chicken for about a minute or so.

Then I lightly sautéed some long strips of zucchini and tomato and since I had a little pineapple left over I added a few chunks of that to the sautéed veggies. I also steamed some mini corn on the cobs and some broccoli. Voila!


A house full of “mmm’s”!!! And a very sleepy kitty….;-)

(This is Sadie Mae!)


What week are we on again? ;-)

Hi all!! This week has been a decent week overall for the both of us. As it turns out, Ian maintained his weight this week (according to the scale Friday morning, but we had left in a hurry this morning and when we got home he weighed himself and lost 2 lbs…lol…oh well, he can add those to next Saturday’s weigh-in…lol) and I’ve lost 2.6 lbs since last Saturday’s weigh in. 🙂 So finally (according to the scale at the Y) I’ve made it below 220!!! Woohoo!!

Now, I have a birthday coming up and I’m 17.5 lbs away from (again, according to the scale at the Y) getting below my first goal of 200. I was really hoping to do this by my birthday (the 21st) do it looks like I’ll be pushing my date back a little but as long as I’m on a downward trajectory with my weight I’m happy. 🙂

I do think it’s kind of funny though that I was able to lose more weight this week than I have in prior weeks because I ended up having to limit my activity so that I can rest my back and chest. Back in September I began to have chest pains just to the left of my sternum. It wasn’t bad pain, more of an annoying ache like I had pulled a muscle, and because I’ve been under a lot of stress and had just began an exercise routine that included Pilates and yoga, I chalked it up to that and just went on about my business. The ache would come and go and seemed to be completely unrelated to my activity level so I ended up waiting until December to get seen by my doctor. A chest x-ray and exam later, I was diagnosed as having what’s called costochondritis. (inflammation of the cartilage between the rib and the breastplate.)

I was put on some anti-inflammatory medication and by mid-February I was still noticing it and was beginning to believe that maybe it was more of an alignment issue. So I finally saw a chiropractor this last week (who is wonderful!) and had two adjustments done. (Ahh….snap, crackle and pop!) I took it easy this week and let my spine rest for a little while and I’m so glad I did. I’m already feeling better and I’m hopeful that my ribs are on the mend and that I’ll be back in the saddle next week!! 🙂

Some goals for this coming week:
– try to get at least one serving of a fruit a/o a veggie at each meal
– to begin the process of breaking two very difficult addictions for me : cereal for breakfast and the occasional Cadbury Creme Egg indulgence. I’d like to try to substitute a piece of fruit for the Cadbury egg….that chocolate is so good though. Lol
– to get serious about the strength training aspect of this program and get in at least two strength sessions this week.

Okay, well I have some extremely interesting cardiac-related material to study for school so I will sign off for now! 😉 I hope everyone has a great weekend and gets a chance to get outside and enjoy some gentle movement and fresh air! 🙂
~ Caryn



So yesterday was our first “real” workout as a group for the Transformation Nation Triad and man was it grueling! Holy cow!

So after weigh in (Ian needs to post to tell everyone his big news….I can’t steal his thunder with it….so we need to pester the you-know-what out of him to get an update!!!!!) Joni counted us off by 5’s and separated us into groups at separate stations.  This meant that Ian and I ended up getting separated but in a way it helped….we could each see each other pushing ourselves and cheered each other on which was actually a lot of fun. We spent a minute at each station with a minute for recovery in between and repeated the workout three times.  Station 1 is where I began and that was pushups.  At Station 2 we did high knees where you lift your right knee up high enough so that your thigh is level with the floor and you can touch it with your right hand and then you ‘jump’ and switch so your left knee is up touching your left hand out in front of you. (The first two rounds I could go about 30-40 seconds with the ‘jump’ and then had to basically ‘march’ through the rest and ‘marched’ through the 3rd round…all of my inner upper thigh muscles are killing me today!) Station 3 was mountain climbers and apparently they are a whole lot more difficult than I remember them being from when I was a kid! lol Station 4 were planks and I’m sad to say that Hope is probably going to smack me for getting so weak on something that I used to be pretty good at. lol  (Sorry Hope!!  I will practice these and get better again!!!! I promise!!) And then there was Station 5 – squats…although we had the option to do the wall squat/sit which I did so this week I banked 3 minutes of the squat! 😉

Needless to say, after having a very insufficient night of rest the night before, I was beat after Saturday’s workout. Ian did really well, he completed each of his stations after having a tough workout the night before!  I’m so proud of him!!!

Today it has been absolutely gorgeous outside and with the rain delay for the NASCAR race (yes….remember I do live in a testosterone-loaded house so anything with motors/gears is mandatory television viewing apparently…lol) I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to get the kids outside to run with me!  Plus, with a “Paula Deen” for a grandmother they had plenty of good, southern food to burn off from their breakfast this morning.  (My mother in law is an insanely good cook….it should be illegal to be able to cook as good as she does!) Below is what my app on my phone posted to my Facebook from our C25K adventure this afternoon! 🙂

Just Completed Week 3 – Day 2 of Ease into 5K. Ran 1.70mi with run pace of 13:07 min/mi

Ran with my boys and Memphis outside today. Even conquered some hills!!! Woooohooo! Still need to work on the 2nd 3 minute run…this one was all uphill and I only finished the first 2 minutes.

Today’s workout consisted of:

No surprises today. Do the same workout as the last one: Start with a 5 minute warm-up, then repeat 2 times the following intervals: – Run 3 minutes – Walk 2 minutes – Run 90 seconds – Walk 2 minutes Cool down with a 5 minute walk. You have the power to make this a better workout then your previous one. Choose a different path. Challenge yourself a little. Crank up your music and enjoy the run.
I will definitely have to repeat one of Week 3’s workouts this week at least once, probably twice until I’ll be able to run the full amount of time that is ‘scheduled.’  But even knowing this and knowing that I’m taking it slower than it was originally intended, I am actually growing more and more excited knowing that I’m able to run for longer amounts of time and go for longer distances than I was even a month ago!!
I should probably get started wrapping this up…but we really need to rally together and get Ian to post his good news.  He’s being shy about it and he shouldn’t be…lol.  So send him a message if you’ve got his email or comment on his first post that he needs to update!!!!   Hope everyone has an excellent rest of their weekend and a great week this week!  🙂


So proud!! Stopped by the Y on my way back from class this evening with the boys and caught a glimpse of determination!!! 😉 Ian working it on the treadmill AFTER playing an hr of racquetball with his dad!!! Go Ian go!!!! Keep it up!!! (pssst..Ian’s got a big number to report tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!)


Wk 2…A spoonful of sugar? Nah…30 minutes of physical activity! THAT’s where it’s at! ;)

So we are getting close to rounding off the end of week 2 for the Transformation Nation Triad and we’re still going strong!  Both Ian and I lost about 3 lbs each as of last Saturday’s weigh-in!  Not too shabby…although not nearly what I was hoping for…but it’s progress nonetheless right? 😉

Saturday we did a fitness challenge – 1 minute timed pushups and sit ups/crunches and then we were timed to see how long we could last doing what’s called a “wall sit.”  (Basically you “sit” with your back to the wall on your invisible chair for as long as you can.) I did 14 pushups, 19 pilates-style sit-ups and held out to be the LAST person ‘standing’ in my “wall sit” just seconds short of 2 minutes and 20 seconds!!!!  And yes, I could barely move off that wall when I was done….lol.  (Although apparently not tired enough because then I went to my RPM cycling class for 55 minutes….haha)  Ian completed 20 pushups on knees, 32 crunches and a “wall sit” for 30 seconds! He and Andrew played basketball after it was all said and done. When we got home, I had just about enough energy to make it up the stairs to the deck and back door, make myself a protein shake and then pass out from about 10:30am – 5:00pm! lol  I can’t believe how exhausted I was!

Sunday we took a trip out to Dick’s (sporting goods store) where I bought my first Polar heart rate monitor and strap (yay!!) and oogled the beautiful kayaks hanging on the walls.  I had several Wayne’s World moments – “It will be mine…oh yes, it will be mine!” 😉 Sunday was also the day when mother nature decided to entertain us with the sleet and freezing rain and snow in the afternoon/evening…so we got to enjoy our sleet obstacle course to the car! 🙂

Monday was a late start for both Ian and I’s days (no school for the boys because of President’s Day) because of the roads, but productive nonetheless as far as school stuff goes.  Tuesday was my first of my two long days each week and, even though I felt as though I had absolutely no energy remaining, I still put on my new heart rate monitor and strap and peddled, climbed, sweated and pumped my way through my RPM cycling class. ( BTW…I did EVERY one of my climbs this time!!!)

And then we get to today – Wednesday. Emotions were running very high today – personal and academic reasons together – and by the time I was done with my test for school I was ready to just call it a day and go to bed. However, I knew that I would feel better if I would get out and move so since Ian had already reserved a court for racquetball, I decided I’d talk with a trainer about my heart rate findings (which are a little crazy….more on that another day) and then do my next workout for the Couch to 5k program (C25K).

Today was the week 3, day 1 workout which consists of the following:

  • “5 minute warm up
  • Run 3 minutes, walk 2 minutes
  • Run 1.5 minutes, walk 2 minutes
  • Run 3 minutes, walk 2 minutes
  • Run 1.5 minutes, walk 2 minutes
  • Cool down for 5 minutes”

I completed 1.49 miles with an average pace of 13:20/mile…not too bad considering the first (and only) time I ever ran a 5k it took me 49:52! lol Keeping up this pace will mean that I will shave off almost 10 minutes from my time! haha  Woohoo!And yes, my goal of improving my energy and mood was met by working out….and I loved it!  I’ve never run 3 minutes straight before so it was definitely a confidence booster to do so, especially as exhausted as I’ve been feeling lately!

Yay….okay, so I’m pretty sure I’ve covered all the highlights since I last posted.  (Oh, well except for the attempt at trying sashimi for my very first time in my life EVER….it was ‘eh…okay.’ Still not a fish person…but I’m trying! lol) I hope everyone else’s week is going well for them and that you’re reading this in good health!

I will post again soon!  Gnite!