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Week 4.5 (Ian)

Well I had follow ups with the doctors today and nothing but good news from them. Blood Pressure is now normal but that is still with the medication but I should be off the medication once I get a little more weight off.  So far so good! Just hope tomorrow morning goes just as well!


Week 3 (Ian)

Sorry for not posting Week 2, but I am playing catch up. I am not used to blogging but I am trying!

Well anyways the 2nd weigh in, I lost 4.1 pounds. I had really hoped to lose more but hey any loss is good right? Well I am now getting into the routine of playing racquetball more often and I am trying to play 3 days a week along with walking on the treadmill.

Well the third weigh in was this past Saturday 2-25-12 and I lost another 10.6 pounds which made me feel great. I just hope I can keep it up.  I now am going to try and play an hour of racquetball along with some additional walking each workout period.